Family and Business Clash as Evolutionary Agent
Di Anna Zanardi Cappon
Traduzione dall'italiano: Angelina Zontine
Revisione: Richard Raynolds

tsunami ramonesA company is a complex system of factors that intersect each other. A family is an even more complicated system and, when the two sets overlap, managing and being part of a family business literally becomes an enterprise. Dynamics of kinship relationships weave around those of the company in a series of entanglements that, like a spider web, ensure that no one thread may vibrate without the whole structure reverberating.
If family and company are healthy, every thread cooperates for common goals and the strength of business adds to the one of family. But if a thread is missing, weak or in the wrong position, then failure is a risk. Preventing or healing these critical issues is fundamental for solid family and business management, and Anna Zanardi Cappon allows us to observe both in a wider scenario, that of the Systemic Model of Reconciliation.
With clarity and brilliant synthesis, she distills from her vast experience examples for reflections and concrete tools for understanding and reconciling. Members of families who run companies, consultants, psychologists and various professional figures, will all benefit from this light, profound book, quite different from what already exists.

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168 pagine
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Giugno 2020